How To Crown Hair With the Knotless Braid?

Are you looking for a new way to style your hair? Are you tired of traditional braids but still want to rock a protective look? If so, then the knotless braid is for you! In this blog post, we will explain how to crown your hair with a knotless braid – the perfect combination of style and protection.

How To Start Knotless Braids

With the top half of your hair pulled away, it’s time to begin braiding and creating an eye-catching hairstyle.. To begin knotless braids, start by stretching your braiding hair and sectioning them accordingly. Divide the area into three parts and start braiding your hair for a fashionable hairstyle!. Once you’re three braid links in (or as far down as it makes sense for your hair), start adding your extensions. Knotless box braids are a type of feed-in braid that doesn’t put tension on your scalp with an ‘anchor knot.’ Your stylist will slowly add the extensions in a unique way to create an even, breathtaking look.. After you’ve used Method 1 to cleanse your hair, use a shine and detangling spray. Then comb upwards from the roots until reaching the beginning of where you’d like to start braiding.. Start by stretching your braiding hair and sectioning them. Then you will be ready to create a regular Dutch braid at the crown and add hair extensions throughout the braiding process until you reach the desired length.

Stretching Your Braiding Hair

Stretching your braiding hair is an important step to achieving beautiful knotless braids. Before you start, it’s best to blow out your hair so that the braids have minimal tangling and a smooth finish. You can also pre-stretch your sections with a blow dryer for convenience and longer-lasting braids. As you begin to section off the top half of your hair, remember to start the braid with just your natural hair and gradually add extensions throughout the process. As you continue with this step, you can use quality low-temperature flame retardant pre-stretched braiding hair and pre-tied open crown turbans or headwraps for a sleek finish.

Dividing The Hair

Once the hair is stretched, the next step is to divide it. Depending on the desired size of the braids, use a comb or your fingers to part the hair into sections. Start by sectioning off the top half of the hair and create four equal parts. This will form the foundation for a regular Dutch braid at the crown. Divide each section into smaller subsections as desired and make sure to keep them even. This will help ensure an even and balanced look when braiding.

Sectioning Off The Top Half Of Your Hair

Once you have divided your hair into two sections, it is time to section off the top half of your hair. Starting at the top of your ears, separate the top part of your hair and clip this very top section up and out of the way with your hair clip of choice. Tie back the rest of the hair in this section so it is out of the way. This will help you part the hair evenly and create neat, consistent braids when you begin to braid. When braiding in knotless braids at the crown, it is important to keep this top half sectioned off, as it will help you achieve a neat and uniform look with your braids.

Create A Regular Dutch Braid At The Crown

Once you have sectioned off the top half of your hair, To begin a traditional Dutch braid, start braiding at the crown of your head. Crafting an attractive three-strand braid is simple! All you have to do is remember the Passover pattern: left strand, then right. Continue braiding until you reach your neck’s nape, and feel free to add hair extensions for more fullness if desired. When you reach the nape of your neck, secure the braid with an elastic band and finish up the look with hairspray or shine serum. To add some extra flair to this look, you can try wrapping the braid around your head in a French braid style or create some cornrow braids for a Black Crown Braid style. With these simple steps, you can have a beautiful knotless braid that will be sure to last all day long.

Adding Hair Extensions Throughout The Braiding Process

Once you’ve made it to the crown of your hair, you can start adding in your hair extensions. To do this, you will need to separate the natural hair in the braid from your extensions. You can do this by separating the braid into two sections – one for your natural hair, and one for your extensions. As you keep braiding, you will add in your extensions section by section until they are fully incorporated into the braid. Be sure to leave some of the natural hair exposed at the top part of the braid so that it looks more natural. Once all of your extensions have been added, continue with your regular Dutch braid until you reach the end of your hair. With this method, you can easily create a beautiful knotless braid that is sure to turn heads!

Finishing Up The Braid

Once you’ve finished the regular braid, it’s time to finish up the knotless braid at the crown. Make sure to keep the hair taut as you work, and secure each section with a small elastic band. To create a uniform look and even out the shape, you may need to gently tug on the edges of each section. When the whole braid is complete, spray it with a light-hold hairspray to help keep everything in place. Finally, you can accessorize your knotless braid with beads or other decorations of your choice, for a unique look that’s sure to turn heads!

Maintaining Your Knotless Braids

Maintaining your knotless braids is a crucial part of keeping them looking their best. To maintain your knotless braids, it’s important to keep your scalp and hair moisturized, especially at the edges. You can use natural oils or a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair hydrated and healthy. Additionally, you should avoid tying the ends of the braids tightly, as this can lead to breakage and hair loss. You should also be careful when brushing or combing the braids and make sure to use a wide-toothed comb to avoid pulling on the hair too much. Finally, it’s important to remember that knotless braids can last up to 8 weeks with regular maintenance.


In conclusion, knotless braids are a great way to crown your hair and give it a beautiful, unique look. With the right technique, you can create a stunning hairstyle that looks like it took hours to do but was actually quite simple. Knotless braids require a bit of patience and practice, but if you take your time and follow the steps outlined in this blog post, you will be able to create a beautiful knotless braid that will last for weeks. Remember to take care of your hair and use the correct products to maintain the health of your hair while wearing your gorgeous knotless braid.